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HostGator vs. Dreamhost Review

HostGator and Dreamhost are two individual web hosting providers. Since you have reached this article, we can assume you are in a dilemma between which hosting providers to choose. This actually takes a lot of time and patience, choosing the right hosting for your website. The right company for your website or business can bump up the growth, return more profits and earn many potential customers at once – it only takes a right decision to make your website shine brighter. HostGator and Dreamhost are arguably best in their own specialties; we have talked about few important factors in this review.

Hostgator Dreamhost

Company Insight

Both these companies have been operating business since a long time. DreamHost is operative since 1996, founded by four entrepreneurs named Josh Jones, Dallas Bethune, Michael Rodriguez and Sage Weil. Their vision turned into today’s successful web hosting company Dreamhost.

On the other hand, HostGator being a newer company got more chances to adapt new technologies. The company was founded by Brent Oxley in 2002. He used to be a student in Florida Atlantic University when he started this company.

Web Management Control Panel

Both the companies’ offer an easy control panel to build new websites and very efficiently maintain them. The basic control panel in HostGator accounts is cPanel, the users can opt for different control panels as well. Documentations and video tutorials make the ‘getting used to’ phase easier than you think.

Dreamhost has a proprietary control panel unit. People used to cPanel may have hard times to get used to a new control panel, but it’s not difficult. All basic functions work the same way, it’s just a different UI. DreamHost doesn’t provide official video guidelines.

Features & Pricing

Number of features and pricing against them is pretty well adjusted. HostGator has only three shared hosting plans – Hatchling, Baby and Business. Newbies tend to begin with any of these three plans where more experienced users opt for the dedicated, VPS or cloud hosting. The Hatchling shared plan starts as low as $3.95 per month and apart from everything unlimited, only one domain is included in this package. Baby plan costs $4.95/month and it offers multiple domains per hosting account. The Business plan is friendlier for business websites. Payment options are monthly, on six months term and yearly.

Dreamhost avoided all the complexity regarding different hosting plans. Hence, they only have one hosting plan that costs $8.95 per month. The only payment duration is a full fiscal year.


HostGator uses Dual Xeon based server computers and these data centers are located at Dallas. On the other hand, DreamHost servers use AMD processor based server computers, contributing to a greener carbon footprint. In reality, HostGator websites take less time to load. For example, 1.7s was the average time websites hosted on HostGator took, while DreamHost websites took at least 2.4 seconds.

Every other test reflected better performance in HostGator’s side.

Customer Service

HostGator support is comprehensive, as they offer support over telephone, tickets and email. On the other hand, DreamHost charges money for an effective telephone guided customer support. This surely would be frustrating for the DreamHost users.


Before reaching a final decision, we would still suggest you checking both service providers. Services from website hosting vendors vary across regions; our experience may be different from yours. Hosting coupons are a good way to purchase plans from many companies at once for a highly discounted rate. We highly recommend making a decision after thorough assessment.