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Which is better? Bluehost Pro or Bluehost VPS

It’s not anything different when someone looks for shared hosting initially. To be specific, Bluehost shared hosting is one of the most frequently chosen platforms than anything else. However, as the demand grows for increased space and it gets reflected through slower performances, then moving over to Bluehost Pro package is quite a obvious way. In fact it is way better than the basic VPS.

Advantageous Bluehost Pro deal:

The reason is too apparent. You will find increased resources than the shared options. There is not much rush involved with the Bluehost Pro. In addition, you are involved in much lesser expenses comparing with VPS.

It is even interesting for those who go with additional stuffs like specialised IP, mail, etc. These users can be beneficial about $150 or much above than this in a year. It is possible to save uto 75 to 80% on hosting plans with the help of Bluehost Coupons, try this: Getting upgraded to Pro user is too easy as well through dashboards.

In short, if you think shared hosting is not getting sufficient for you anymore, or you have started thinking of VPS, then the Pro is a good option to stay away of frequent VPS issues, or technology issues.

Through Bluehost Pro you can have higher processing and storage options. It brings the site much faster with the viewer than earlier and in comparison with the competitors. The package works fantastic with the WordPress. If your CMS is playing slow with the shared hosting, then undoubtedly it needs the upgrade.

bluehost coupons

Introducing the Bluehost Pro

Anyway, we are providing below some of the crucial specs with Pro those are hard to expect from the shared plans.

Here, the server resource is open for all those hundreds of sites. Basically, Bluehost Pro is a professional service from Bluehost for shared host users those want higher resources. Shared hosting are often slow as one server is normally meant for many sites over the platform, and any site can take the resources as well.

On the other hand, a professional site owner would always love to expect best level efficiency. You need resources for that. One similar need can be the website fastness, It is important for the users and at the same time from search engine point of views.

The Distinguishing Bluehost Pro:

SSL Certificate:

WordPress being one of the most favoured platforms, chances are high for someone to get involved with a WordPress membership site. No matter, you are using the WordPress for conventional CMS works, or, for ecommerce, financial transaction is a must, and for that SSL certification is obvious.

Through the Bluehost Pro, you can have best assist on this regard. This is the safest method for clients to navigate financial transaction process.

Bluehost Pro: the safest option than VPS

In addition, the Bluehost Pro package offers some of the high-end specs those are hard to expect from shared platforms or cheap VPS. The specs like Domain safety, back-up services, domain registration, spam prevention are most exciting through Bluehost those make it much favoured in comparison with the VPS or other shared options. You should buy this hosting plan on Bluehost cyber Monday deal which is direct 75% off on all hosting plans, isn’t that great?


It’s quite a common practice to shift from shared hosting to VPS straight, but, remember that VPS plan does well with a condition that there is sufficient storage over your VPS server. In addition, the process works nice for playing with WordPress sites.