SiteGround Dedicated Hosting Review

For dedicated hosting servers, SiteGround is actually better than plenty others in operation because of their placement of data centers across three regions. The SiteGround data centers are placed in United States, Europe and Asia Pacific; so that the customers can be selective about which particular area of the world they would like to serve through a website and choose a datacenter in the appropriate region. Apart from the data center locations, the servers are very good performers and the pricing is much reasonable as well.

siteground dedicated plans

If you had been considering to get a dedicated data server for your business website, SiteGround Dedicated Servers could be good options.

Dedicated Hosting Plans from SiteGround

There are three SiteGround plans for dedicated hosting. Entry, Power and Enterprise that’s how they have adopted the naming.

  • Entry Server: Entry server comes for $229/month. The CPUs used in the server computers under Entry Server plan is Intel Xeon E3-1230 CPU. Clock speed in this one is 3.20 GHz, and there are 4 CPUs inside the core with 8 CPU threads. Cache memory is 8 MB for superfast processing, and on the storage end these computers have 4 GB DDR3 RAM and 500 GB SATAII HDD. Monthly bandwidth allocation is 5 TB.
  • Power Server: Server computers under the Power Server plan are built on Intel Xeon E3-1270 CPU based computers with 3.50 GHz clock speed. It’s a quad core CPU with 8 MB of cache memory and 8 CPU threads. On the storage section, the RAM is 16 GB DDR3 and it has 1 TB SATA II HDD. Bandwidth for this plan is 5 TB per month; and all these comes for $329/month.
  • Enterprise Server: Enterprise servers are offered for website that draw large amount of power off the hardware resources. Enterprises that expect a lot of incoming traffic to their websites, as a direct part of their business such that an e-commerce website with very large turnover should purchase a dedicated server like this Enterprise Server from SiteGround. It has 2x Intel Xeon E5-2620 CPU with 2.0 GHz clock speed, 2×6 CPU cores, 2×12 CPU threads and a total of 15 MB CPU cache memory as opposed to 8 MB in the previous two plans. For storage, there are 4×500 GB SATAIII or RAID 10 hard drives and the RAM is 16 GB DDR3. Monthly bandwidth remains the same at 5 TB. All these are available for only $429/month.

Which plan is for you?

This would depend on the website. There are many other plans like VPS, Shared. You can read difference of VPS vs dedicated hosting. And if you are wondering whether dedicated hosting is your thing; check if the below factors are requirements to run your business smoothly –

  • Performance above all.
  • Transparency of service and management.
  • Flexible control all over your resources – both hardware and software.
  • Redundancy and complexity.
  • Value proposition of your business and the dedicated hosting server you own.
  • Scalability for future growth of your business.

Depending on the above factors, your choice of plan among Entry, Power and Enterprise servers might vary. Entry and Power servers should meet most business owner’s needs, and Enterprise is solely for very high end configuration requirements – say, if you are running an e-commerce site like in your locality, or maybe some sort of newspaper or magazine that’s very widely popular across not just your country, but the region.


If you ever encounter any issue with SiteGround hosting, the customer support is always looking forward to solving your issues.

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