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HostGator vs. iPage Hosting Review

In the web hosting industry, HostGator and iPage both these companies are conducting their activities with immersive success. The basic comparison won’t be much easier as both these companies offer attractive offers and reasonable pricing. Though new comers don’t always settle for iPage, yet who know about the company will look no further. And HostGator is always popular among the potential clients for their three flexible shared hosting plans. Many major and minor factors play important roles in these services being suitable for someone’s personal or business website and we are to discuss those points.

Hostgator Ipage

How the Feature Compete Against Price

Pricing is very important, features are just as much. How the features hold up against the pricing is an important factor especially to the newbies. Business website owners would make sure their trial balances match well when it comes to match the debits and credits. To the personal website owners, revenue generated isn’t much of a concern for the beginning months – it’s all about reaching the reader base.

HostGator’s Hatchling plan is a proper fit for personal website owners – the plan starts at only $3.95 per month. Everything’s unlimited theoretically except the domain names, Hatchling plan subscribers get only one. Baby and Business plan subscribers get multiple domain names for the monthly subscription fees they pay.

iPage is way cheaper than HostGator is – making it a better fit for newbies. The $1.99 per month is definitely a big plus and reason why the competition is holding up between these two companies.


Few tests were donewhile we tested these two web hosting companies side by side. One important factor we have tested is the site loading speed. Slow loading websites generally drive their viewers away while fast websites exponentially gain more viewers every hour – that’s a proven study. However, HostGator websites took around 1 to 1.7 seconds to load while the iPage websites took around 1.9 to 2.0. Not much of a noticeable difference, it’s a win-win situation.

HostGator beats iPage in its ping test, though. Most of the times, HostGator websites had a ping of around 300 to 400 ms of ping whilst iPage never went down below 650 ms. Still for the lower price with iPage, we won’t complain. You get what you pay for.

User Interface and Control Panel

All modern web hosting providers include a control panel to make website management easier. HostGator uses popular third party cPanel whereas iPage included a proprietary control panel. That’s not a negative impression, but may take some webmasters to learn a new control panel and get used to it. cPanel is easier and more functional – in that sense, HostGator wins the criteria. On the other hand, iPage makes life easier for few webmasters. It’s all about perceptions.

Customer Support

The people in HostGator customer support seemed to be helpful. The responded to emails, tickets and live phone calls as well. Sometimes it took quite long to reach them, but mostly we had our queries answered.

iPage customer service didn’t disappoint us either. However, a more sincere approach would have been appreciated.


While our views may differ with yours and any other potential webmasters, we would like to recommend having them all tested individually. Hosting companies distribute hosting coupons all over the affiliate websites to allow people check their service for discounted rates. In fact, that’s how we get our hands on so many web hosts at once and we recommend you should also do the same for better understanding.