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HostGator is a newbie friendly website hosting service provider and signing up for a HostGator account is now easier than ever. To make it more convenient for the users, HostGator has given a major facelift to the signing up process which only made the whole first impression better. However, signing up for HostGator is sort of a lengthy process, unlike its competitor Bluehost. You will require more or less 10 minutes getting over with the process. The signing up is kind of complicated as well; making slight mistakes might require you to start over. Guidance will definitely make you stay aware the whole time so that you possibly won’t end up making mistakes.

Choose Domain Name

The signing up process starts with choosing a domain which could be a new or existing domain. With HostGator hosting service the subscribers don’t get a free domain. A paid domain costs $15 per year for no matter the domain is new or existing. Click on ‘Register New Domain’ to start fresh or the other option to use the existing domain you have.

Select the HostGator Plan you want

HostGator offers its subscribers with three plans called Hatchling, Baby or Business. They come for different rates and features, choose the one you want to proceed with. Hatchling is best fit for personal websites, Baby is suitable for people who need more than a personal website and Business is for business purpose or even an eCommerce site.

Coupon Codes & Billing Cycles

If you have a discount coupon code for HostGator then you can redeem the coupon code here, the bottom field on this page. If you don’t, just proceed with the billing cycle information on the upper fields. A 20% discount coupon is always available on the homepage, it’s like a default gift so don’t forget to enter the code. Most probably, it’s already been entered on the field automatically.


The next page is about pricing and also for selecting if you are a new or existing customer of HostGator. If you are a new customer select the option that says ‘I’m a new customer’. If you are an existing customer select ‘Add this order to my account’. On cyber Monday you can avail the discount using ‘HostGator Cyber Monday coupon’.

Billing Information Entry Form

Now you need to enter the billing information, HostGator will bill you to the details you enter in here. HostGator accepts a wide range of credit cards and of course, PayPal. You need to fill up the forms with your name, address, city, state/region, country, zip code, a primary email and your phone number – these are the necessary fields.

And under the Additional Information section, you must enter your username and password twice. Under the Payment Options section select the transaction method and details.

Then under the ‘Submit Information’ section, select ‘Yes’ and click on ‘Verify My Order’.


The new page that appears now brings up all information that has been put down in the fields by you. Check everything thoroughly because if anything goes wrong, you will need to start over the whole process. Click ‘Process My Order’ when you are sure.

And Done!

The bill will be presented to you on the next page with a confirmation that your order has been received. Do not forget to check your email for the confirmation. HostGator sends two emails for new account sign ups. First one asks if you have confirmed your payment; if you have already done so then you can expect to receive the second email very soon.

The second email contains every detail required about your HostGator signup like the package, domain, username, password, IP address, nameservers etc.


Comparing the signing up process to other hosting services, HostGator service is lengthy and complicated. It’s not tough, but requires minute focus. If you can get through the process without making a mistake, it won’t take more than 10-15 minutes.

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